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10 Facts & Myths About Hearing Loss

Myth: Hearing aids will restore hearing to normal just as an eyeglass prescription can restore vision to 20/20. Fact: Hearing aids do not restore hearing to “normal.” Hearing aids do not “cure” your hearing loss, but they can improve your hearing and listening abilities, and they can substantially improve your quality of life.

Myth: You can save time and money purchasing hearing aids online or by mail order. Fact: It may be faster and less expensive, but it’s certainly far riskier. By working with your hearing care professional, you are purchasing professional care and services to ensure that the correct hearing aid is selected and that proper programming of the hearing aid is completed. Other forms of professional care include: 1) Hearing evaluation, 2) Referral for medical treatment (if needed), 3) Hearing aid evaluation, 4) Verification of fit of hearing aid, 5) Instruction in how to properly use and maintain the hearing aid, 6) Follow up care and support, 7) Follow up care, 8 ) Repair services, and 9) Rehabilitation services. You simply can’t get all of these services from a mail order company.

Myth: A hearing aid will damage your hearing. Fact: A properly fitted and maintained hearing aid will not damage your hearing.

Myth: A milder hearing loss is not bad enough for a hearing aid. Fact: Everyone’s hearing loss and listening needs are different. By working with your hearing care professional, you can determine if a hearing aid is needed and how much it will improve your hearing.

Myth: Wearing two hearing aids is not necessary. Fact: We normally hear with two ears. Binaural (two eared) hearing helps us localize sounds, assists us in noisy situations, and provides natural sound quality. Most people with hearing loss in both ears can understand better with two aids than with one.

Myth: The invisible hearing ids worn in the ear are the best hearing aids to purchase. Fact: There are several styles of hearing aids, and all are “state-of-the-art.” What is important is that you purchase a hearing aid that accommodates your hearing loss and your listening needs. Just because your friend uses a particular hearing aid style doesn’t mean you have to (or should) use that style. Your friend’s style of hearing aid may be totally inappropriate prescription for your needs.

Myth: The latest digital hearing aids can automatically eliminate unwanted background noise. Fact: Today’s digital hearing aids do a tremendous job making it more comfortable for you to listen in noise. They cannot selectively cancel out noise that you perceive as unwanted. Only our brains are capable of making that distinction. Hearing aids would have to be able to “know your thoughts” to decide what was wanted and unwanted sound. Just how effective your hearing aids are managing sound depends on the circuitry used, the severity of your hearing loss, how accurately the instrument was fit, and your ability and patience as you relearn how to hearing with amplified sound.

Myth: Wearing a hearing aid is a sign of old age. Fact: Actually, your hearing loss is probably more noticeable. Let’s face it, constantly saying, “what?” and “huh?” don’t do much to dispel the notion that your getting older. But being an active participant in life, catching the punch line (and laughing at the right time), or actually hearing those sweet nothings whispered in tour ear make you feel and appear young.

Myth: Hearing aids are too expensive. I can’t afford them. Fact: The most common reason people give for not buying hearing aids they really need is the high cost. A better question might be, “how much is your hearing loss costing your?” According to the Better Hearing Institute, wearing a hearing aid can increase your salary by up to $12,000 a year! The BHI found that people with hearing loss do not use hearing aids lose twice as much income as those who have hearing loss and wear hearing aids. Rather than a burdensome expenditure, purchasing a hearing aid can be a valuable investment.

Myth: All hearing aid providers are the same. Fact: Only audiologists are university trained and have at least a Masters degree in Audiology. In most cases they are certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association or by the American Academy of Audiology. Today’s hearing aids are much more complex than in the past. To use them correctly requires a complete understanding of an individual’s hearing loss and the expert counseling provided by a licensed audiologist. At The Hearing Professionals is an Audigy Certified center – a designation only awarded to the top 3% of all hearing care practices in the United States. If you have more questions about hearing aids or hearing loss, contact The Hearing Professionals today.

About Adam Bernstein

Adam Bernstein is the owner of The Hearing Professionals, Milwaukee's premier hearing healthcare facility. As the owner of The Hearing Professionals, Mr. Bernstein has over 20 years of experience in the hearing healthcare industry. He began his career in 1995 at GN Danavox, one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. After leaving Danavox, Mr. Bernstein opened two hearing healthcare offices in Chicago, IL. In 2001 he moved to Milwaukee, WI and opened The Hearing Professionals. In 2008 he added a second Wisconsin office in the town of Brookfield. Today The Hearing Professionals is the largest private audiology practice in SE Wisconsin. Mr. Bernstein has written numerous articles on hearing healthcare which has appeared in newspapers throughout the country and has been interviewed by news programs regarding advances in the hearing industry. Mr. Bernstein a member of Unitron’s Customer Advisory Board and a graduate of The University of Minnesota. You can email him at and you can visit The Hearing Professionals at

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