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Cool Products at The Hearing Professionals

Some people think that all we sell at The Hearing Professionals are hearing aids. We do sell a lot of hearing aids, but we also sell some other pretty cool products that will help you hear better and impress your gadget-loving friends!

Mack’s EarSaver is a product that is simple and effective in addressing the problem of music that is too loud to be safe. This device is simply plugged in between the music source and your earphones. Just connect the EarSaver to your iPod, CD player or any other music source and then plug your earphones into the EarSaver. That is all there is to it. With the EarSaver installed between the music source and the earphones, the volume will be automatically reduced by 18 dB with minimal effect on the sound quality.

Typical ear buds, earphones and headphones available today will produce over 100 dB of volume at the eardrum. OSHA standards suggest that exposure to over 85 dB can result in permanent hearing loss, depending on the combination of decibel level and duration of the exposure. The louder the sound, the less time it takes to suffer damage.

EarSavers are perfect for parents who are concerned about their children listening to overly loud music through earphones connected to iPods, cell phones and other music sources, as well as gamers who are concerned about hearing damage they can sustain from long sessions when the action gets hot with everyone yelling.

EarPlanes are for all of us who suffer from ear pain during take off and landing in an airplane. EarPlanes are the easy and drug-free way to alleviate air pressure discomfort in flight. Tested by U.S. Navy pilots and approved by flight attendants worldwide, these soft, reusable and portable earplugs relieve pressure and reduce noise. Constructed of soft, hypoallergenic silicone, EarPlanes have a noise-reduction rating of 20 dB. Just insert an hour before landing for a drug-free solution for ear aches in flight.

I tried EarPlanes on a recent trip and was pleasantly surprised at how well they worked. About an hour before we landed, I inserted my EarPlanes. I quickly noticed that the ambient sounds were reduced to a more comfortable level. As we descended to our destination, I noticed a little bit of congestion, but not what I normally get. After we landed, I waited until the doors of the plane were opened before I removed my EarPlanes. There was no pain, no discomfort and no problem with the equalization of my ears!

Mack’s Roll-Ups Wallet Hear Plugs addresses the biggest problem faced by earplug wearers: having a pair at hand when needed unexpectedly. Mack’s Roll-Ups earplugs are stored slat in a package that is smaller than a credit card. Each package includes a pair of strips of foam that roll up in seconds. They are designed to fit any size of ear canal: simply roll tighter for smaller ears. Once inserted, the plug will conform to the ear and provide decent comfort and a noise reduction of around 21 dB.

A patient actually introduced me to Mack’s Roll-Ups. He came in for a pair of custom ear protection and was telling me that often times he would be around loud music and never had his hearing protection handy. They were always in his car, back at home or simply wasn’t convenient. That’s when he tried Mack’s Roll-Ups and fell in love with them. He said that no matter where he was, he always had his hearing protection. Sounds like a good product to me!

For these or other “cool” hearing care products, call The Hearing Professionals today at (414) 332-3377.

About Adam Bernstein

Adam Bernstein is the owner of The Hearing Professionals, Milwaukee's premier hearing healthcare facility. As the owner of The Hearing Professionals, Mr. Bernstein has over 20 years of experience in the hearing healthcare industry. He began his career in 1995 at GN Danavox, one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. After leaving Danavox, Mr. Bernstein opened two hearing healthcare offices in Chicago, IL. In 2001 he moved to Milwaukee, WI and opened The Hearing Professionals. In 2008 he added a second Wisconsin office in the town of Brookfield. Today The Hearing Professionals is the largest private audiology practice in SE Wisconsin. Mr. Bernstein has written numerous articles on hearing healthcare which has appeared in newspapers throughout the country and has been interviewed by news programs regarding advances in the hearing industry. Mr. Bernstein a member of Unitron’s Customer Advisory Board and a graduate of The University of Minnesota. You can email him at and you can visit The Hearing Professionals at

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