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Hi-Fun Bluetooth Gloves Let You Talk To The Hand

I remember being a child and watching the television show Get Smart and thinking how cool Agent 86’s (a.k.a. Maxwell Smart) gadgets were. The coolest thing Max could do was talk to Agent 99, The Chief or Hymie on his shoe-phone! How cool was that? Maybe that’s why I think Hi-Call’s new product, the H-Fun Bluetooth Gloves, is quite possibly one of the coolest products to come to market.Hi-Call-Glove-Bluetooth-Headset-650x306

Hi-Fun’s gloves are Bluetooth headsets – or, well, handsets – with the speaker built into the thumb and the microphone in the pinky, so you can talk by doing the traditional “call me” hand gesture. So instead of placing a headset on your ear, you simply raise your pinky finger (the microphone) and your thumb (the speaker) to your face and walla, you’re talking through your glove! The gloves come in black or gray and in men’s or women’s sizes. You can find them on-line at various retailers for about $70.

There are some inherent problems with the Hi-Fun gloves: You probably shouldn’t use the gloves during a bluetooth-gloves-2snowball fight. And let’s not forget that you might look a bit foolish wearing the gloves during the middle of summer.

Well writing about the Hi-Call Bluetooth gloves, Andrew Lizsweski of Gizmodo raised an important question: What makes you look more like a crazy person – walking down the street while talking into a Bluetooth earpiece, or walking down the street talking into your fingers? At first you might say the person talking to himself who is wildly waving their hands, babbling to no one in particular. If you saw that you’d probably look – or just assume – that they have a Bluetooth device stuck in their ear. But if you saw someone walking down the street talking into their finger and thumb, you’d probably take a double look and be a bit perplexed.

Personally I think the Bluetooth device in the ear has become so commonplace that you don’t even think twice when you see someone talking to themselves. Plus it’s safer for someone driving a car because they don’t have to take their hands off the wheel. But you have to admit, the Hi-Fun Bluetooth gloves are a pretty cool gadget that even Maxwell Smart would love to have. I think they’re so neat that I’m going to order a pair for myself!

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